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About Us

Complex tasks can best be accomplished by clearly assigning the appropriete competence fields to them. In order to holistically oversee individual projects, we combine the expertise of our respective departments to provide a solution. Internal coordination and a select few in-house contacts ensure the completion of any project according to schedule.

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Rüdiger Stadler

CEO Stadler Holding / Technical Construction / Air Conditioning

Stadler Holding

  • Administration

  • Strategy

  • Marketing

  • Coordination

Stadler Technical Construction

  • Cold warehouse construction

  • Hygiene rooms

  • Insulation panel and roofing systems

  • Technical insulation

  • Sound proofing and fire protection

  • Door, gate and crash protection systems

  • Turnkey industrial construction

Stadler Air Conditioning

  • Ventilation and air conditioning

  • Acoustic engineering & project realization

  • Induction systems

  • Cladding elements

  • Steel and stainless steel processing

  • Maintenance & service

  • Metal engineering

  • Specialised Processes

  • Quality Control

  • Result-Oriented



  • STADLER GmbH continues to grow!
    At the moment, our team is made up of more than 60 highly qualified employees and 5 apprentices


  • Restructuring of the internal departments into two separate LLCs
  • Implementation of new corporate identity


  • Construction of the new production hall in Salgen
  • Occupation of the new production hall in Salgen


  • Exhibition at Anuga Foodtec
  • Purchase of grounds in inter-communal construction zone in Salgen
  • Establishment of Service department


  • Division into internal departments
  • Ventilation / air conditioning / panel construction / insulation / production


  • Design and first operation of the first ripening room for soft cheese with the newly developed channel less ripening system ESJET® HX
  • Planning and construction of a warehouse as general contractor
  • First commission as general contractor
  • Sale of ripening system ESJET® HX to Schönegger Käsealm for the purpose of aging cut cheeses


  • Retirement of Erwin Stadler as CEO
  • Initial research into ripening technologies for cheese
  • Experimental setups testing channel less air conditioning systems


  • Extended Corporate Design
  • Establishment of an in-house marketing and design department


  • Construction of the administration building with production warehouse at Industriestraße 14, Pfaffenhausen
  • Migration of EDP systems
  • Installation of state of the art CAD work stations


  • Expansion of service portfolio:
    panel construction, hygienic wall and ceiling systems, sound proofing, roofing systems, industrial facade construction, stainless steel processing, air conditioning for food industry and office buildings, fire prevention, cold storage, hygiene rooms


  • Change of management
    Since early 1995, the company is run by Rüdiger Stadler, son of the company founder


  • Roland Stadler joins the company
  • First panel construction projects
  • First ventilation systems


  • Founding of STADLER Isoliertechnik GmbH


  • Founding of ES Stadler-Isolierung
    When Erwin Stadler founded ES STADLER Isolierung in 1973 with his wife Annelies, he already had 20 years of experience working as a successful foreman in the industry.

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