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28thApr, 2022

“Solid construction completed”

Max Miethsam sitting at his desk while workingMax Miethsam
Technical Construction
Shell of a building with a crane against blue sky

At the Martin Bauhofer Käserei in Bodnegg, the next phase of construction has been completed.

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4thDec, 2021


Portrait of a stout man sitting at a deskPeter Huber
Air Conditioning, Facility Acoustics
Two production assemblies with a Sound Protection System

Individually designed noise protection leads to a stress-reduced working environment.

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7thOct, 2021

Cheese cellar goes into extension

Technical Construction, Air Conditioning
Industrial plant from top view

Stadler GmbH was awarded the contract to expand the cheese cellar in the Bregenz Forest.

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8thJul, 2021

Expansion of the cheese dairy with STADLER

Rainer in front of a patterned wallRainer Nackenhorst
Air Conditioning, Technical Construction

With a new production facility, the Leupolz farm cheese dairy is enlarged by 800 square meters.

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