Air conditioning unit on a roof
Air conditioning unit on a roof

Ventilation & Air Conditioning

In sensitive areas, for example in hygiene rooms for the food industry, the demands on furnishings, easily cleaned surfaces and installations as well as the interior climate are especially high.

A professional (and in the future easily-maintained) implementation can thus only be achieved by specialists.

Furnishing a hygiene room requires a combination of insulation panel and roofing systems as well as proper air conditioning and ventilation technology, all of which we offer in our company.

Mechanical ventilation systems are needed in order to keep the surfaces dry during operation, while filtering systems are required to keep the room atmosphere sterile. The rooms have to be kept at a higher air-pressure than any adjoining sections with a lower hygienic precedence. Hygiene rooms require a constant temperature and humidity and as such, the increasing fluctuations of temperature during the summers with longer lasting heat waves increase the demand for constant temperatures in production processes continuously. To this end, we offer the right systems for keeping the temperature constant, including heat recycling and oil separation.

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  • Ventilation systems for hygiene areas

  • Air conditioning for manufacturing halls

  • Implementation in stainless steel and synthetic materials

  • Air distribution through textile, washable channel systems

  • Highest demands for the filter classes (up to H13)

  • Air distribution via jet nozzles

  • Refrigeration and cooling distribution

  • Draft-free air distribution

  • Prevention of germ recirculation via source air outlets

  • Exhaust air recirculation and heat recycling

  • Hygiene concepts, product guidance, black/white separation