9.Mar, 2023

Fun + Facts in your apprenticeship

  • Portrait of a young woman holding a document while sitting at a desk
    Simone Bihlmaier
  • A portrait shot of Gagla Kiyak
    Cagla Kiyak
Holding, Air Conditioning, Metal Engineering, Technical Construction
Two young female employees explain the structure of Stadler Holding using a diagram on a large monitor. Four other employees sit at a table and listen attentively.

With the STADLER mentors, your apprenticeship will be fun!

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20.Jan, 2023

German course at STADLER

  • Monika Fischer while working at her desk
    Monika Fischer
Holding, Air Conditioning, Technical Construction, Metal Engineering
Group of employees at a long table learning German. The teacher stands a bit apart and explains something. A stroller can be seen in the foreground.

Hallo, Ahoj, Përshëndetje, Olá, Здравейте, bună ziua, zdravo, नमस्ते, hello.

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8.Oct, 2022

Cheese shopping experience and production

Air Conditioning, Technical Construction
A group of people is standing in front of a modern building, the entrance of which is decorated with blue balloons.

The traditional Bauhofer family cheese dairy officially opened a new cheese shop at its production site in Kofeld-Bodnegg on October 8th.

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23.Sep, 2022

In-House Training at STADLER

  • Portrait of a young man with glasses holding a computer mouse
    Matthias Brenner
Air Conditioning, Technical Construction
A crowd sits on beer benches in a warehouse listening to a speaker present something on a portable screen.

The Stadler formula for our skilled workers’ success.

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6.Dec, 2021

Sound Protection in Food Production

  • Portrait of a stout man sitting at a desk
    Peter Huber
Air Conditioning, Facility Acoustics
Two production assemblies with a Sound Protection System

Individually designed noise protection leads to a stress-reduced working environment.

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