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Red rollable plastic gates along a hallwayRed rollable plastic gates along a hallway


Where there are isothermal rooms with hygienic surfaces, openings allowing for the movement of people and transportation of goods have to be created and closed in accordance with thermal and hygienic requirements. The frequency of usage is a deciding factor in the design. Our door and gate systems are low-maintenance, excellently insulated and have hygienically flawless surfaces. Along with our cooperation partners, we develop and deliver loading systems with temperature-controls including gate sealing, sectional doors and dock levellers, cold room revolving, lifting and sliding doors, high-speed doors, swinging doors as well as operating room and fire doors.

We manufacture and install customer-specific and hygienic crash protection systems made from stainless steel for subsequent embedding in concrete. The individual systems can be designed both as a facing shell or partition base. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing, detailed solutions such as the chamfering of fillets for future bonding with epoxy resins, or integrated drainage gutters are standard models. The final installation on the construction site will be done by our assembly staff which includes experienced stainless steel welders.

  • Cold / refrigeration room revolving and sliding doors

  • Operating room revolving, sliding and swinging doors

  • Smoke extraction hatches

  • Fire protection revolving and sliding doors

  • High-speed gates for different temperature requirements

  • Sectional doors

  • Loading systems with temperature controls

  • Hygienic crash protection systems made from stainless steel

  • Crash protection systems (PE, HDPE)