A large silo with a metal staircase. Some steam is flowing out of a pipe at the top of the silo
A large silo with a metal staircase. Some steam is flowing out of a pipe at the top of the silo


Most insulation measures amortize themselves in less than twelve months. Insulation is an economically important contribution to avoiding pollution, preserving energy resources for our children and for the efficiency of production processes.

We only use high-quality insulation materials and adhere to all current laws, norms and guidelines in our execution.

Depending on the mechanical stress and reaction to fire, we use PVC, aluminium foil, rough-grain aluminium sheets, coatings and sheet metal which is manufactured in-house for the surface protection of our insulation systems. We can manufacture and immediately install surface protection out of stainless steel, saltwater-proof aluminium, galvanised or PLATAL (plastic coated) steel on short-notice. During brief maintenance downtimes of industrial facilities, we can complete or repair insulation and provide the necessary surface protection at the same time. We also keep insulation materials ready for our customers in our well-stocked warehouse in order to be able to react quickly.

Hearing impairment is an occupational illness that has to be taken seriously. That is why we concern ourselves actively and intensely with industrial noise abatement options. With our precise measurement devices, we can analyse the on-site conditions and immediately put appropriate measures into place, which will remedy the problem.

  • Thermal insulation of pipe systems

  • Noise protection insulation

  • Noise barriers

  • Noise protection cabins

  • Fire protection insulation of air ducts and pipes (firewall ducts) with automated documentation