Group of employees at a long table learning German. The teacher stands a bit apart and explains something. A stroller can be seen in the foreground.
Friday, January 20, 2023

German course at STADLER

  • Monika Fischer while working at her desk
    Monika Fischer
Holding, Air Conditioning, Technical Construction, Metal Engineering

We now speak sixteen different languages. In other words, we’re a big international family with occasional barriers to communication. As with all the challenges we encounter, we found a solution this time too: the Stadler German course after work. Very flexible, without coercion or pressure and with a lot of fun.

A different shot of the employee lounge with a big clock visible on the wall. The employees are still studying, the teacher is checking their work.

After a retired German teacher agreed to support us in the project and the learning material was found, we could start. Thanks to the impressive performance of our teacher, the employees are there with a lot of diligence and zeal. The management and all colleagues are really proud and wish the participants every success. We believe in you!

Of course, the offer also applies to all newcomers.

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Monika Fischer while working at her desk

Monika Fischer